NY1E  antenna system
Rohn 25G tower with a KLM KT34-XA at 99 feet with a homebrew 6 element 6M beam above that. Mounted at 33 and 66 feet are a pair of Cushcraft 12-4CD's redesigned to 10M using YO. They are on homemade sidemounts that allow rotation of 300 degrees. I can select any single, pair or all three antennas when on 10 meters, and can feed them "in phase" or "out of phase" for even greater pattern flexibility.
Tower and beams in wide open!                                       Sidemounts at 30' & 60' turn
                                                                                         each beam independently

This mess is the switching and semi phasing.                  The DPDT relay above switches another half
Dow-Key 6 position relay selects antennas                   wavelength of coax to the middle beam to feed
through quarter wave 75 ohm sections. It                      it 180 degrees out of phase of the other two.
should work for any two beams, but the
SWR is even lower feeding all three.
         Don't ask me why!

Homebrew control box uses four mini switches to select antenna and phasing.

 old antenna system photos