NY1E's Homebrew Amplifiers
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Six meter 8877 completed September 1999. Built on a 7" rack panel, the tank coil is a 10M coil from a B&W 850. The tuned input circuit is stolen from   GJ4ICD's 8877 amplifier I use the same Variac controlled power supply for all my amps and all metering is done on the supply rack panel.



This is my HF amplifier, an 8877 for 160-10 meters built on a 10.5 inch rack panel and using a  modified B&W 850A  tank coil. I am driving the tube direct  so far, the empty space under the chassis is for a tuned input board still under construction.

               Construction started                                                                         First QSO's
               October 23rd, 1999                                                                        November 22nd, 1999


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