Who needs the ARRL?
  The only ones that need the ARRL are the manufacturers who are gaining sales and the league itself which is becoming a bureaucracy. I quit the league and sent back my volunteer examiner papers years ago when they proposed giving Novices' phone privileges. Then they went further and came up with a no-code license. Now they want a 5 WPM test for a General class license!

   Stop giving them $34 per year to destroy ham radio! There is no lack of stations on the HF bands now, the "more is better" philosophy is only beneficial to those looking to increase their bottom line. Leave some part of the hobby for people who want to work for their privileges, its a satisfying part of the hobby. I've enjoyed the road to Extra, I wish it didn't stop there!

                Newsflash!! They got 5 wpm
   and they charge $39 a year now!
          Where's your limit???